How to Recycle Clay Tiles

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For many centuries, homeowners have embraced the warmth, beauty, and strength Spanish tiles lend to a rooftop. They create a truly spectacular curb appeal for the right home and have proven very effective for encouraging proper ventilation, but also keeping the interior of the home clean and dry. The greatest part about clay tiles is the fact that they can last for a century or longer without needing to be replaced. However, there are times when one wants to have them removed, must have an area of the roof repaired, or inherits an old home with the original roof. When clay tiles must be removed, there is the hope that they can be recycled to preserve the environment.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to have clay tiles recycled in the conventional manner of speaking. They are considered an eco-friendly form of roofing because they last so long, they provide good ventilation that reduces the energy consumption of the home, and because they are often made from recycled materials. But, what does one do with them once they are removed from a rooftop?

While the local recycling center might not want anything to do with your old roofing, there are other ways to put the old tiles to use, rather than just trashing them. In fact, you don’t have to go far to find use for them – chances are that your local landscaper could find more than one place for them in your very own yard. Many people have found that old clay tiles, which are no longer ideal on the roof, are still in good enough shape for use in construction around the home. They can make a very beautiful and sturdy walkway or path. They can also be stacked in such a way that they make the perfect outdoor fireplace or grill pit. Because clay tiles aren’t flammable and can withstand very high temperatures, they are ideal in this setting. Clay can also serve as a greater border around gardens, shrubs, and trees.

If you can’t find a use for them around your yard, ask around because others may be in a greater need. There are some dealers that specialize in the finding, restoring, and selling of vintage clay tiles. Your waste might be their treasure. A quick search on the internet or in the local yellow pages could produce the name and number of someone more than willing to remove your Spanish tiles for good reason.

Even if you can’t find a way to reuse all of the tiles, you can at least minimize your waste by using a portion of them to roof a garden shed or small barn on your property. Chances are that you can find enough of the tiles in good condition to do such a project, which means you get a roofing material for your outbuilding at no cost.

Before you go ahead and strip your roof of the old clay tiles, be sure that you contact the local roofing repair company at It may be possible to repair and restore your roof without replacing the gorgeous, vintage tiles. A proper cleaning and a few small repairs could revive the look that the house once loved. It is amazing how resilient this roofing material is and the inquiry could end up saving you thousands of dollars. To learn more, visit the experts at

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