Why Would A Metal Roof Leak?

There are many different types of metal roofs available on the market today for the customer to choose from. The most common is the steel roof, which ranges in size from 22 to 16 gauge thicknesses. There are copper roofing systems, aluminum, zinc and terne. Copper, being the most expensive choice, is the most durable to corrosion and can last for hundreds of years. The more exotic materials like zinc and terne are newer to the market and offer environmental benefits, such as the ability to capture the water runoff for potable water applications. Regardless of the material chose, all metal roofs can start to leak over time and here are some of the causes.

Corrosion, mud sealing, improper installation, and wrong application can all cause a metal roof to develop a leak. Corrosion is probably the number one cause of a having a leaky metal roof. Corrosion happens when salts and other chemicals in the rain start to eat away at the metal causing small holes and cracks to form allowing water to protrude into those holes and cracks causing a leak. Professionals in Round Rock roofing can easily identify the problem by performing a roof inspection and repairing the areas of corrosion with new materials available on market.

Mud seals are one of the major causes for metal roof leakage. Areas, like Austin, Texas, that have high dust levels and heavy rainfalls are more susceptible to mud seal issues. Throughout the year, dirt and grime build up on the metal roof and rain washes this dirt off but leaves behind small portions of dirt in the seams of the metal roof. Over time this dirt begins to work its way under the seam and causes an area where water can penetrate the seam and result in more damage. Once this dirt has accumulated under the seams it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly where the leak is originating from. It may be best, at this point to call in a roofing contractor. Pflugerville, Texas, has a lot of well trained professionals that can help with this issue. They can sometimes use passive methods to fix the leak or may have to replace panels.

Other causes of leaks could be from improper installation. If the installer did not line the seams up correctly when installing the roof, or used different metal fasteners during the installation could cause roof leaks. During the initial installation of the metal roof, if the installer used steal fasteners on a copper roof or aluminum roof than there could be an issue with electrolysis, and erosion. Basically the two different metals have different polarities and act as a battery, one being slightly more negative or positive than the other. The outcome; because of the chemical reaction, the area around the fastener could be eroded away from the process and a leak could occur on every fastener on the roof. Not aligning the seams properly can also cause premature leaks on a metal roof allowing rain and dirt to penetrate the seam causing water problems.

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