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5 Repairs You Want to Avoid with Regular Auto Maintenance

Car maintenance is taxing enough, but there are some trips to Leonard’s Garage & Service Center that are more costly than the average auto repair. Fortunately, several of these troubles are preventable with regular maintenance. New Hybrid Battery The gas savings that come with buying a hybrid vehicle are undeniable, but don’t expect repairs to […]

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Why Would A Metal Roof Leak?

There are many different types of metal roofs available on the market today for the customer to choose from. The most common is the steel roof, which ranges in size from 22 to 16 gauge thicknesses. There are copper roofing systems, aluminum, zinc and terne. Copper, being the most expensive choice, is the most durable […]

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Acne & Obesity: The Connection

Obesity is a scary word and, unfortunately, a fact of life for millions of Americans who are consistenly fighting a losing battle against weight gain. The number of health problems that exist in conjunction with obesity can be overwhelming and to make matters worse, many common skin conditions can also occur as a result of […]

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