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Parenting Problems: How to Deal with Dental Decay in Children

Did you know that the human mouth is constantly teeming with bacteria? While much of this bacteria is the good sort — and useful in fighting of potentially evil intruders — the bad does lurk there as well. Though not present at birth, that bacteria quickly finds its way to a child’s mouth and, without […]

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Invisalign Eases Anxiety and Perfects Smiles

When a person is unhappy with his smile, it can be very difficult to maintain a positive self-image. No matter if the individual is a preteen, teen or adult, crooked teeth can be a confidence-breaking attribute. There are other repercussions of having poorly aligned teeth beside the obvious cosmetic complaints. Any dentist in Austin TX […]

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The Basics of a Root Canal

When it comes to the dental industry, some people are scared of the dentist, while some are not. There are, however, two words that almost everyone is scared of: root canal. For decades a root canal was something that was looked upon with fear and horror because it was a procedure that was not only […]

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