Types of Glass: Textured, Tinted, and More

If you are looking to create an unusual or exciting look in your new home or addition, then you may want to consider when glass can do for you. Not only are there all sorts of different sized and shaped windows on the market today, there are also a number of different glasses that can be used to fill those frames, providing both functionality and beauty.

Colored Glass – When paired with clear glass in an entry door or around a large picture window, colored glass can be simply stunning. Depending on the color, it can also distort images within, for added privacy. Colored glass is created by adding oxides of metal to the molten glass, pouring and cooling. Nearly any color imaginable can be created today.

Insulating Glass – While it may not change the look of a window, it certainly does improve functionality, which makes it worth mentioning. Many of the windows on the market today make used of insulating glass, which is generally seen in two- or three- panes with air pockets between them to reduce heat transfer between the outdoors and in. Many people will choose to invest in new window installation specifically to take advantage of insulating glass, as it can greatly reduce heating and cooling costs.

Laminated Glass – Again, this has much more to do with functionality than it has to do with changing the look of a window. Nevertheless, laminated glass can be well worth the investment, as it too can greatly impact the heating and cooling bills that homeowners face. However, the interlayer sandwiched between two sheets of glass is not really there for energy efficiency. Laminated glass is more often selected for its ability to safeguard those within the home or commercial space. The interlayer keeps the glass fused together even after it has broken, which means that it won’t shatter and it won’t provide easy access for intruders. Whether living in The Woodlands or the worst neighborhood in the United States, safety is always a worthwhile concern.

Obscure Glass – An all-encompassing term, obscure glass comes in many forms, but the purpose is always the same; obscure glass lets light pass while protecting your privacy within the home.

Reflective and Low-E Glass – Both of these materials are meant to reduce glare from the sun. Reflective glass directs the rays of the sun away from the home, keeping the temperature of the home tolerable in the summer months. It also makes it more difficult to see into the home from the outside. Low-E glass on the other hand is treated to filter specific rays, keeping them out of the home. Those UV rays are the same that would fade fabrics, paintings and other materials in the home. This also reduces the amount of heat entering the home, which can be a very good thing in areas like Jersey Village, TX.

Stained Glass – We all know what stained glass is. The colored glass is cut, pieced, and soldered to create beautiful, stunning images. The great part is that this glass, which was once reserved for public arenas, can now be enjoyed in the home at a much smaller price tage.

Tempered Glass – Should a window with tempered glass break, the tiny pieces that result are highly unlikely to cause any significant harm to people nearby, which is exactly why it is used as a safety precaution. Better yet, the chances of a break are much smaller than with regular glass, so it may be a good choice in your home.